It’s the end of the world as we know it

What if it really was the end of the world?  What if, when you were driving to Panera McDonald’s this morning, you saw flesh eating zombies in the Kroger parking lot or fiery meteors shooting into the atmosphere?  After crapping your pants and passing out over your steering wheel getting a handle on the situation and forming a game plan, you would probably gather all of your loved ones- find that one redneck uncle that you know is always packing and has provisions in his basement ready for the Apocalypse- and ride it out until the (hopefully not so) bitter end.


That is not my uncle. But you wish it was yours.

During the time you spend hunkered down, what would you be thinking about?  What was the meaning of life, and what made it worth living?  No, I hope not, because everyone knows in a zombie situation, the sentimental guy gets eaten.

Since the zombies have not yet made an appearance, and fiery meteors haven’t started dropping through my roof, I’m going to assume I’ve still got time.  Because that’s what we always assume. That we’ve still got time.

As the days wear on, as tragedies happen, and as the adoption process slowly unravels, I’m coming to grips with something. Time isn’t guaranteed. There isn’t necessarily going to be another chance to hug your friends, or to say ‘I love you.’  There won’t always be another chance for you to love your neighbor, or to feed the hungry or clothe the poor.  God is giving you moments.  In this moment, you have the chance to love people.  In this moment, you have the chance to care about others more than yourself. In this moment, you have the chance to change your life and impact the life of someone around you.  Little moments, maybe. Maybe God will give you an extra moment to play with your kids before work. Maybe God will give you a chance to help someone scrape ice from their car.  These little moments when you choose to do the right thing?  They eventually tie together and form a beautiful lifetime.

The great thing about moments is that there is no time for regrets. The moments when you screw up?  You have the next moment to change and ask for forgiveness. The moment when you realize that you’re more upset with people saying “happy holidays” than you are about the state of the orphan? God just gave you another moment to reflect on the state of your heart.

Try to live moment by moment this holiday season.  Try not to think about those test results you’ll get in a few weeks, or how you’ll afford to live if you get laid off, or how you’ll ever get your kid to start behaving in school.  Try not to break your brain over the meaning of life. Live in the moment, because maybe it’s your last.  Live in the moment… because if you don’t, you’ll probably get your foot chewed off while you’re daydreaming on the john.

I hope that I remember to thank God for what I have every moment of every day. I pray that I will allow God to use every moment to prepare my heart for a little Ugandan boy. I pray that every moment God draws you closer to Him, and that every moment you’ll let him.  God, help us make every moment count.

Merry Christmas!
-The Daw Family



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