Christmas and other shenanigans and goings on

I spent Christmas at my parents’ house this year.  It was the first Christmas we’d ever had away from home since having kids.  We thought, given all the adoption shenanigans that will probably be going on in 2013, we’d better go ahead and have a Christmas in Atlanta THIS year, because honestly…next Christmas is up for grabs. For all we know we could be in Uganda by then.  Christmas in Atlanta…I didn’t have to cook A THING, I stayed in my pj’s 99% of the time, I ate an ungodly amount of chocolate pound cake, and hung out with some old friends. I even got to bring in the New Year at my brother’s house with my parents- a rare treat for them, given they very rarely get both kids and their families under the same roof.  My dad, bless his heart, made me cry when he gave me this beautiful candelabra he carved from wood…with five candles to signify our up and coming family of 5.


Overall, it was a success…but now that I’m almost 10 lbs heavier, I’m glad that it’s over.  The holidays are exhausting.  So we came home, put all of the new toys and clothes away, and I got to lay down on the couch and count my fat rolls clean up the house for our home study visit.  That’s right.

Tomorrow morning, 9:30 am!  It will be the first of two homestudy visits- the second one is on the 18th.  So what have I been doing?

Anyone who’s ever had a home study knows exactly what I’m doing.


(That’s not actually my house, but you get the idea)

Not only that, but tomorrow morning, I will transform myself from this:


to this:


Funny the lengths you go to in order to convince someone you’re a responsible adult that can raise a healthy, well adjusted young child, much like my son Jacob.


^ Isn’t he precious?

I have already convinced two of my friends to write reference letters insisting that I am the perfect example of motherhood.  The third is taking some time…probably because she’s known me the longest.

I will be writing another (hopefully much more meaningful) blog post tomorrow after the home study lady has left.  Please pray that my house will magically stay clean and that it ends with me slapping high fives with the social worker without me embarrassing myself too badly.

Check tomorrow for an update!


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