1st homestudy visit…DONE.

I have to say that I am bouncing around with happiness right now. I was so happy and excited that I splurged and had a massive plate of Moe’s nachos to celebrate.  (I often do that…celebrate by stuffing my face…don’t judge me).

At 9:30 our social worker arrived to do our home study.  She was really nice, had adopted two kids internationally herself (around the same age we’re looking to adopt), and she was like a massive well of information.  She didn’t grill us (which is what I was nervous about), or run her finger along the table to check for dust…she just sat with us at our table and gave us an opportunity to brag about our kids, about why we love parenting, about why we’re adopting and what we love to do.  She talked to us about the process of adopting, but more importantly, gave us insight into what we might expect once we’ve brought our child home.  The tour of our house was quick and easy, and the whole thing was over before I could blink an eye.  We have one more visit on the 18th, which will just be simple separate interviews and her talking a bit about adoption with the kids, and then we’re all set!  I didn’t even have to make a jello mold!

I think the reason I’m so excited is because now IT IS REAL.  Well, it was real before, but now it’s really real, if you know what I mean (or not).  Maybe it’s because I’ve talked about adoption so much in the past, but I feel like now we are actually in the game instead of sitting on the sidelines with our game plan. We are actually doing this…we are actually doing this!  Adoption has kind of been a life long dream for me.  A part of me, for years, always assumed that adoption was something that only rich people, celebrities, or missionaries did. I always thought…wow, that would be so awesome. I’d just love to do that.  And now, here I am. Doing that. And I’m not rich, I have no celebrity status, and I’m no missionary.  Excuse me why I run around my house and squeal, and get this look from the cat…


Human, please.

One of the things that the home study people generally ask you, in one form or another, is: why do you want to adopt?  It isn’t just the home study lady that asks this question, either. Even though we’ve just started this journey, I’ve already gotten the “why would you do that” question. Sometimes it’s phrased in a genuinely curious way, and sometimes it’s used in a condescending way. When it’s used in the condescending way, this usually comes to mind…


But however this question is phrased, it does make me think.  And last night, because I knew this question was coming, I really thought it out.  I can’t speak for everyone who adopts, because everyone has their own journey and their own reasons.  But this is why we’re adopting.

We really just want to share what we have.  Yeah, we don’t have tons of money or a massive house.  But we have room for one more child in our hearts. We have a lot of love to give. We have a family that dances around the living room just for fun, goes on random road trips, and occasionally lets the kids have candy for breakfast.  This child wants a forever family, and we just want another child.  Why wouldn’t we adopt?  Richard’s company reimburses him 10K in adoption costs…God gave him that job for a reason.  Seriously, what company does that?  He even gets adoption leave.  It just makes sense.

I recently read that, if you calculate the amount of orphans in this world, and then take the amount of professed Christians- here is the result:  If only 8% of those Christians took one child into their home, there would be no more orphans.  None, as in zero.

Now, I’m not getting on a soap box here. Don’t get your panties in a twist.  I’m not saying that in order to “be a good Christian” you have to adopt.  But there are people in the world, Christian or not, that have a desire in their heart to adopt. God has put that there.  And I’m sure the # is a lot higher than 8%.  A lot of times, because of fear, cultural barriers, judgment, or monetary hurdles, those desires are not being acted on. Not everyone has it in their heart to adopt- but, if you do, I believe that God put it there.  Listen to it.  I firmly believe he will provide a way if you can open your mind to it, as well as your heart.

It took us a while to put aside that fear. But now that we have, we have gotten overwhelming support. Even my homestudy fears were baseless.  It is all working out.  Thank you, God.  Keep us in your prayers, though.  We could always use them!


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