The Dossier

So there I was, thinking we’ve only got 1 more home visit, with just a couple more documents left to turn in before our home study is complete.  And this is still true. We are almost finished with our home study, which is huge. But then I got the )@#*$)#*$ dossier requirements sent to me.

Oh, the dossier. The dossier is basically your entire life, notarized. Not only notarized, but notarized by someone whose license won’t expire over the next year and in blue ink. Because God forbid your life is notarized in black. How tacky.

The thing I don’t get about a dossier is this…half of the crap they ask to be included in a dossier is stuff you’ve already had to get done for your home study (except, without the notary).  Bear in mind that the home study is also a major chunk of your dossier. Soo….wouldn’t it make more sense to just go ahead and get all the documents you need for your home study notarized, then just give the copies to your social worker for the home study and you’ll already have the originals available for your dossier?  Does what I just typed even make sense? Maybe not.

Take the medical reports, for instance.  We had to already go in and get our family doctor to sign medical reports stating that we aren’t likely to die within the next year…of course, for the home study, it wasn’t required to get it notarized.  But now we are being asked to go do it all over again, but this time get it notarized.  I’m not looking forward to this, if only because the women behind the desk at my doctor’s office were the gems that asked me if buying a child was roughly the same price as buying a new car.  But isn’t asking us to do it twice just a waste of time, money, and gas?

I know I’m complaining. I just don’t like to-do lists. They stress me out. Richard, on the other hand, is totally in his element. He loves lists. He loves doing paperwork, weirdly enough.

This is a picture of Richard when I gave him the ginormous stack of dossier requirements.


Okay, that’s not him.  But it kind of is.

Because of my hate of to-do lists, I started allowing myself to stress out over this. I finally dropped my stress about the home study, but now my worry has moved over to the dossier and USCIS.

But thank God I married someone like Richard.  Right after we’d printed out all the paperwork and read through it, a scene much like this happened in our house….

After a few successful “get a hold of yourself” talks from Richard, I calmed down.  He told me it’s not that bad and that he’s totally got this.  I think Richard sees this whole thing as some sort of awesome challenge. Thank you, God, for giving me a husband that is nothing at all like myself.

There really isn’t anything that big and horrible about a dossier. It’s just that, because we’re getting closer to seeing a little face and having a name, I think I’m starting to lose my mind a little bit.  All good things come to those who wait….all good things come to those who wait…

In the meantime…



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