One Step Closer

“You’re approved for up to two kids.  I should have your paperwork turned into your agency by mid-February.”

These are the words we got to hear on Friday afternoon, after our last home study visit.


Just a few weeks now until all the paperwork is submitted. Then, we wait for our referral.  Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention…

there is no wait list for a 2-4 year old Ugandan boy?


I have our amazing home study agency to thank, not to mention my amazing husband, who sees a huge amount of paperwork, shows it who’s boss, and tells it where to go.


One step closer…one step closer…one step closer. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can see his face and know his name.


2 responses to “One Step Closer

    • 😀 !!!!!!! So glad you’re reading! I’m reading you too, I know I don’t comment, but I am totally one of those creepers that cyber stalks you. lol! Going to your blog now to read an update…

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