This post is about decorating. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

We’ve been meaning to buy a bunk bed for Jacob’s room for a while now. Even before we decided to adopt.  Currently Jacob has a double bed- so we were looking to get a single over a double, so we wouldn’t have to worry about buying a mattress. We were also looking for bunk beds with stairs, especially for the little one. And STORAGE. Lots and lots of it. Because God knows, they’re going to need it.

So yesterday we ended up buying this:


It should be shipped either today or tomorrow. YAY!

I know it doesn’t mean our adoption is going to happen any sooner, especially considering the fact that we were planning on getting one anyway, but…I can’t help but think of two boys in that room. I can’t help but want to repaint (which we are, this weekend). I also can’t help but want to redecorate the room.  I am stopping at buying new bedding. Jacob has a nice quilt that’s stood the test of time, and I managed to find the discontinued twin version of it on Ebay (and currently I have a winning bid for it).

But recently, I have become an Etsy junkie.  Just ask Richard, he’ll tell you.  You see UGANDA print on my header pic?  That was from Etsy (although I found a frame and spray painted it red).  I don’t want to make this room all about Africa or adoption- I mean, he’s sharing it with Jacob. And yeah, he’ll be adopted. He won’t need twenty wall hangings in his room to remind him of it. BUT- wow, there is some seriously cute “adoption art” out there.  I can’t help but look at it. I do want to buy at least one piece of art for the wall- and I’ve currently narrowed it down to three paintings.





Now I was leaning toward the first one.  I like the whimsical look of it.  Saying that, a few words from Abi, my 7 year old art aficionado, helped change my mind.  After staring at the first painting for a while, Abi looked at me, puzzled.  “Why is a white kid coming from Africa?”  Oh, Abi.  Your literal interpretation of this beautiful piece of art has rubbed off on me, despite myself. Seriously, why IS the kid that white?  Stupid as it is, I can’t seem to get past it. My son might one day ask the same question. So yeah, # 1 got the ax.

#2.  Abi’s favorite.  My least favorite, although I still really like it. And the only reason I don’t like it is the edges.  The wavy border messes with my eyes.

#3. I think this is going to be it. It’s educational, colorful, beautiful, with a touch of whimsy (yes, I’ve been reading way too much Bob Goff. Obviously).

Eventually, their room will be covered in pictures of them. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I have this dream of the two of them hanging out, shooting the breeze, arms draped across each other’s shoulders.  Yeah, I know, it’s that idealistic version of brothers that I have floating around in my head. I am well aware that this might be totally fictitious- but you mothers of boys, don’t you go and spoil my dreams. My imagination is farting out a lot of beautiful things, so don’t be a dream killer.

Anyway, I’m aware that I’ve just made an entire post about room decoration. Is that lame?  If it is, then you’re just going to have to deal with it.  At least I’m not hocking coffee all up in your face again. That’s so tacky.  And I mean, seriously. Enough’s enough.

————–>     Image   <—————-

Anyway, if you have some other thoughts about the picture for the room, feel free to comment and let me know what they are.  In the meantime, I’m going to be surfing Etsy.


2 responses to “This post is about decorating. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. The bunk bed looks SO fun! I have friends who built drawers like that into their regular stairs, and it is such a lifesaver!

    Also, first impressions – I full on fell in love with the first picture. Then I read Abi’s impression, and dang-it, totally killed it. You’re right. Given that, number 3 is the best.

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