An update and some fundraising info

I figured it was time for an update!  Currently we have our dossier ready to send, but we are just waiting on a) our tax check to arrive and b) our social worker to send our completed home study to IAN.  Both of these should be taken care of within the next week.  After that, we move forward by submitting our I600A, and we wait for our referral!

So now we wait. It’s weird, actually, because for the past few months I’ve had this long check list and I’ve been running around getting things notarized, and recruiting friends to go and get things notarized, and making trips to police stations, doctor’s offices, and banks.  Now it’s settling down, and I’m realizing that now this adoption time frame is out of my hands.  The paperwork part of adoption is a pain in the butt, but it really is the only part of the process that we get to control.  Don’t get me wrong- I’m not mourning the loss of the paper trail, but it is weird to just sit here and wait now. I guess it’s time to get used to it!

Second thing we’ve been up to is an attempt to fund raise. Until a copy of our approved home study is in our hands, we can’t begin searching for grants yet. So, as you know, we’ve attempted to sell coffee- but unfortunately have only had three buyers.  Discouraging to say the least.  We’ve had a couple of people donate money to our adoption via paypal, and we are so thankful! In total, we have raised about $160.  We are shooting to raise around $5000.

In another attempt to raise money, I have partnered with a friend of mine who just happens to be a Noonday Ambassador.  What is Noonday, you ask?  Take a look!


Noonday isn’t just another place to buy jewelry and accessories- all jewelry is handmade by artisans all over the world, and provides them a fair wage and helps empower these men and women by offering them a pathway out of poverty.  Noonday also helps people (like us) fund raise for our adoptions by hosting trunk parties!  So, it should come as no surprise, we are hosting one!

Please let me know if you are interested in the details of this party. For those of you who are out-of-state, you can STILL shop!

You can do it any time. Just click on this icon to go to Brandi’s site:


Make sure you select Brandi Mendenhall’s name when you check out. It’s on the last page and it’s a drop down menu that says “Your Ambassador.”  At the bottom, there is a section that says AMBASSADOR ONLY Trunk show field. In that section, you can put DAW ADOPTION.

Please consider helping us!


One response to “An update and some fundraising info

  1. SO exciting to almost be done with this stage, but I know what you mean about at least having control over the paperwork stage. Hopefully the next step will go so much more smoothly than anticipated!

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