That Time I Became Famous By Association

Kid President. If you don’t know who he is by now, then you’ve been living under a rock (or maybe you’re not into social media…either one).  In case you ARE one of those people who has somehow managed to NOT hear about him, then take a look at this.

Yeah, that’s him. Kid President is featured on Youtube’s SoulPancake, created by Rainn Wilson.


You know, from the Office. No? Get off my blog. But donate first.

Kid President has been on Good Morning America, talk shows, and, more importantly has recently met the president.

And guess what?  Kid President supports our adoption.

Let me back up. Today I kind of had a crappy day.  We’ve had some unexpected medical issues pop up (not life threatening, but costly), and today I kind of had a little bit of a break down.  Adoption expenses AND medical expenses?  Why now, God?  Why is this happening now?  I sat down, with my computer still in my lap, and I’m not gonna’ lie…a few tears hit the keyboard. Prayers went up.  And then, just like that…I looked up and saw our Chromebuffalo t-shirt drive being listed on Kid President’s Facebook page.  I had written Kid President an email when we started this 10-day launch, explaining our journey and asking him to share our drive with his family/friends.  Not in a million years did I expect him to actually do it.  Not because Kid President isn’t awesome- but because I figured thousands of people write to him with “causes.”  I figured I was just a number, and I honestly didn’t expect anything to come from it.  But then, I saw his post on Facebook. Then, I saw someone post a link to his blog.  And I realized, this is it.  I am famous by association.  I have a celebrity endorsement.  God. just. totally. answered. my. prayer.  We are not alone. He is still with us. He makes things happen.


 I can’t help but think about how cool it will be to tell our little boy about this.  One day he can watch Kid President’s videos, and he’ll know that Kid President played a part in him getting here.  A total stranger cared enough.   I just love typing those words.  To those who are just now reading my blog, thanks to KP, thank you for your support and thanks for reading.  If you buy a shirt, I’ll love you.  If you buy a shirt and coffee and continue to read my blog, I will marry you and have your babies be FOREVER grateful.

Thank you to all you strangers out there.  Thank you for caring about my family.  And thanks, KP, for caring enough.


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