Fat Hearts.

Thanks to a friend of mine, Hannah Eskridge, I was made aware of this fundraising opportunity from PureCharity!  It allows you to donate as much as you’d like, and all funds go to our adoption agency. If everyone just gave a buck, then that would help us SO much! Take a look!


Also, if any of you readers happen to be from Atlanta, a high school buddy of mine has GRACIOUSLY offered to help us raise money with some mini photo shoots!  Check that out, too!


Seriously, this girl is an AMAZING photographer. We had the privilege of having our pictures taken by her about two years ago!




If you aren’t blown away, then you are blind.

There have been so many wonderful people out there who, like Megan, have been willing to help us out. Some of you I haven’t even seen in years. We are blown away. To all who have donated, bought a shirt, coffee, jewelry, or simply just shared my posts, THANK YOU.  You all have fat hearts, and that’s what really counts.


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